Posted by: katiegardner | May 28, 2008

Show your support

It’s estimated that 60% of phonebooks end up in landfill every year. You can help reduce this waste by taking 30 seconds to sign our epetition. The more votes we have, the stronger our case to the government asking for a centralised opt-out system for phonebooks, just like the Mail Preference Service. It’s not rocket science, other industries have done it, we should be able to do it to!

Imagine, if we could halve the number of phonebooks delivered every year, what an impact that would have on our precious environment. Once you’ve signed the epetition, why not send it on to your friends as well?

Do you even take your phonebooks inside?


Do you even take your phonebooks inside when they are delivered? Does it ever come out of its plastic. Help reduce the waste – support our campaign!




    Let’s have a FREE search facility though.

  2. Hi David – Thanks for the comment in answer to your question – directory enquiry info is already free when searched for on the website

  3. Phonebooks are outdated and prone to changes in details too quickly.
    Cancel bt’s obligation to supply these. Save them and ultimately us money. Not to mention the environment.

  4. Hiya 🙂

    Congrats on your campaign, I’ve just signed the petition and written an article on this to put up on my website next week.

    I’m hoping you’ll be able to update this site more often with news and infomation 😉

    Keep up the great work – how many signatures do you have?

    Mrs G x

  5. As pnone books have a business section and lots of people have internet I don’t believe they are necessary any more. Still like to have access th ordinary directory but perhaps there could be some kind of sharing scheme between residents in communal stairs. My relatives often phone me to get phone numbers because they either didn’t get thier copy or it surprisingly disappeared. I’d opt for them being totally obsolete if absolutely everyone had internet access especially once people are more at ease with the technology of internet

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