Posted by: katiegardner | June 4, 2008

Blogger support for our Say No To Phonebooks Campaign

Only a week into our campaign and already we’ve got the eco blogging community talking. We particularly enjoyed reading Michael Parsons post on CNET’s Which reiterates our point that internet directories have far more to offer than paper directories.



  1. All very good I am sure and I may have thought so to until I tried for over twenty minutes to get into the website.
    Luckily I had kept the telephone directory and have made a mental note not to throw it away. Not just because of unreliable technology, or the many power cuts or even the fact that to compete with the book I leave my computer on 24 x 7 oops. I am not even worried about becoming one of those sad individuals who despite having to surmount various difficulties has decided he/she/it needs to, more than anything , be seen to be bonding to the internet. No I am simply loving the convenience of picking up a book, without being restrained to a computer or its desk and read it wherever I want to, with no regard for sunlight and to pick up the telephone in my own time and make that call, stress free. Of course if I had a beardy, woolly wearing, chain tying to tree agenda (and I have seen all types so don’t feel there is gender discrimination there) I might be prepared to state differently. Though notably the sanctimonious messaging to date seems still to be the popular placard on a stick, no doubt all materials sourced from sustainable resource…blah blah….

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