Posted by: katiegardner | June 17, 2008

Do businesses still use phonebooks? Obviously not!

I was walking down my high street on the way to work this morning and it seems the Business Pages have come to our local area.

Before we started this campaign we did a quick straw poll of all the offices in our  building asking whether they used phonebooks anymore. Only 3 out of our 8 corporate neighbours could even find phonebooks in their office. 2 out of the 3 that could find a secret stash of phonebooks, still had them in their original protective plastic and the other one had phonebooks dating back to 2005!

So no surprises then when, this morning, with a number of shop fronts doors still sporting their shiny new phonebooks one owner had sent theirs directly to the rubbish pile. No point taking it inside for that business! If that’s not a case for making phonebooks opt-out, I don’t know what is…

For many businesses:                For one particular business:

This business obviously doesn\'t!     Do you use Business Pages anymore?






  1. In theory this is a brilliant idea. But I have just tried to look up a name and phone number on and it keeps telling me I have to purchase credits. So until you get your website sorted out I will not be opting out.

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