Posted by: katiegardner | November 12, 2008

A time to reduce not just recycle

Yes, we’ve been a bit quiet of late but its all as we prepare for a massive 2009. More to come shortly, much more… But keep your comments and emails rolling in. It seems the support for this campaign just continues to grow.

Quiet yes, but not out, and this piece of news in The Guardian yesterday was too important not to share: “Paper price collapse blows hole in Britain’s recycling strategy“. 

So the report goes, the price paid by the Far East for paper recycling has fallen so much that it may no longer be viable to ship this waste off for re-processing. The only other option? Incineration or landfill!

Well there’s 75 million tonnes of phonebooks we could stop producing right now to save such a cost to local councils but more importantly, the earth. If only households had a right to say no!



  1. Great stuff! Would love to know what to do with my old phone books other then recycling….love the couch…anything else?!

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