About this Campaign

In 2006 we asked the question, ‘Who uses printed phonebooks anymore?’. At the time 4 out of 5  survey respondents told us that they didn’t and that they would back a petition to make phonebook delivery in the UK optional.

While the majority of Boroughs now offer some sort of recycling facility for phonebooks, it’s estimated that only 60% of phonebooks actually get recycled. With 25 million households receiving an average of 3 phonebooks a year, that’s a mountain of waste – a 75,000 tonne mountain to be exact. Add in the energy and water wasted in producing, delivering, collecting and recycling phonebooks and we think its time we put a stop to this out-dated environmental menance.

The Solution

We’re calling for the setup of a central system, just like the Mail Preference Service, where people can choose to opt out of receiving a phone book. Whether its the Phonebook or Business Directories citizens of the UK should have the right to say “No, I don’t use it, I didn’t ask for it, and I don’t want it!”

Who needs a phonebook today?

There are pockets of society that may still need a printed phonebook but don’t discredit silver surfers. The elderly can be just as Internet savvy as the rest of us and using websites they have the choice of what sized font they read in – not the miniscule font you find in phonebooks.

We know that directories are still very important to local businesses. However, with online directories your new business listing can be added in days – you’ll never have to wait up to a year for the next edition of the phonebook to get published! Online directories help you promote your business faster, include a map and journey planner and, most importantly, are used by more people.

About Us

192.com offers free directory enquiries online. You can search residential and business phone numbers for any place in the UK, online at any time at absolutely no cost. In fact, it costs us money to offer this service. You can look up directory enquiries for free on other sites too but we’ll give you free maps and aerial photos and property prices, where available, too.  




  1. I have a stack of phone books I need to take to the dump, I’ve avoided it because I hate throwing things out! Please don’t make me go through this any more!


  2. Hello. Lea here from Inhabitat.com, a blog focused on sustainable design and practices. I referenced your blog in a recent posted regarding phonebook recycling and issues of waste reduction. It went live yesterday, and you can find the full article here. http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/08/11/green-rant-stop-sending-me-phone-books/

    You add any comments or suggestions for our readers at the bottom of the article.


    Lea Bogdan

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