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Blogger support for our Say No To Phonebooks Campaign

Only a week into our campaign and already we’ve got the eco blogging community talking. We particularly enjoyed reading Michael Parsons post on CNET’s Which reiterates our point that internet directories have far more to offer than paper directories.

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Show your support

It’s estimated that 60% of phonebooks end up in landfill every year. You can help reduce this waste by taking 30 seconds to sign our epetition. The more votes we have, the stronger our case to the government asking for a centralised opt-out system for phonebooks, just like the Mail Preference Service. It’s not rocket science, other industries have done it, we should be able to do it to!

Imagine, if we could halve the number of phonebooks delivered every year, what an impact that would have on our precious environment. Once you’ve signed the epetition, why not send it on to your friends as well?

Do you even take your phonebooks inside?


Do you even take your phonebooks inside when they are delivered? Does it ever come out of its plastic. Help reduce the waste – support our campaign!

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Campaign via Facebook

There’s no doubt that phonebooks are a huge environmental menace, but we need enough people in the UK to stand up against them to make things change. So we’re asking everyone we know to show their support for a centralised and highly publicised opt-out system for phonebooks. And what better way then inviting if all your friends on Facebook? If you do have a Facebook profile, join our group, invite your friends and Say No To Phonebooks:



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The Say No to Phonebook’s Campaign launch


When we asked the UK public, ‘How many people use printed phonebooks anymore?’,  4 out of 5 respondents said, ‘Not me’ and backed an opt-out system for phonebooks much like you can do with the mail preference service. Let’s face it, it’s a book filled with advertising, so you should have the right to choose whether you receive it or not.


More importantly, how many people still use printed phonebooks? Online directories, such as, offer UK wide coverage, have flexible search options, and offer additional valuable content such as interactive maps and local services.


The research also told us:

  • The Internet is quicker for finding information (62 per cent)
  • Phonebooks are too cumbersome (56 per cent)
  • Phonebooks go out of date too quickly (39 per cent)


People were also frustrated at how difficult it is to recycle phonebooks: nearly half (49.2 per cent) of those questioned said there were no facilities for recycling phonebooks in their area. While 99% of Boroughs & Counties offer some sort of recycling facilities, it’s estimated that just over half of the books are actually recycled. Add this annual addition to landfill to the huge environmental cost of producing, distributing and recycling the books when over 60% of UK households have Internet access at home.


With 25 million households in the country receiving on average of 3 phonebooks a year, that amounts to 75,000 tonnes of waste – that’s enough to cover the whole of Hyde Park twice, every year!


So today we kick off the campaign to Say No To Phonebooks, asking for the establishment of a centralised and publicised system to allow UK households to opt-out of receiving the phonebook. It’s definitely long overdue.


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Drum roll please….

Wait for it….coming very soon….the long anticipated launch of the Say No to Phonebooks campaign….

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